Friday, February 6, 2009

Pop Music Break

You may have heard it already but this is a great song. I feel like it's 1988 again.

This Has Been in My Head For the Entire Week

No video but the song is just gives me hope for the furure of music.

A Few More New Pieces

Always available at my Etsy funhouse:

And More News Failure

I think I remember Mr. Stanger from my 3rd Grade homeroom class....

Never Faint on a Serbian News Set

Everything will collapse and no one will help you.

And More New Schtuff!!

Can I NOT slow down?

And of course Etsy Etsy Etsy....


Here's a Couple of New Pieces

On-Joy....and you course they're up on my Etsy.

Rediscovering a Good Song

Oh, George. Get your ducks in a row and make good songs again.
This is is just a ray of positivity and sexiness....

And the Last Post of Course Led Me to This...

Who knew there were dancing animals on Saturn....?

The Dangers of Eating Curry if You're Japanese...Apparently

This is so random it's great!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun With New Stuff

New shiny pretty schtuff. Of course available at Etsy:


Press this button again and again....



Sometimes simplicity is crazy

SNL Has Its Moments

Pardon the little commercial intro

New Work

Hi All!
Here's a few new pieces I just completed.
They are available through my Etsy shop by clicking here

New Work

I just finished some new pieces..let me know your thoughts
These are available in my Etsy shop by clicking here

Well here I am with a new blog to discuss my artwork, Life in general, daily goings-on, and various other tidbits.
I thought I'd get things going with one of the happiest songs in the world from Mama Africa herself, Miriam Makeba.
If this songs doesn't make your happy button start to go off...well check your happy button, it may need to be tended to.